Historical Aviation Film Unit

Our T-Shirt Collection

If you'd like us to provide you with a specific shirt design, email us at:


Extra Large Sizing:  Note that we can produce XXXL size shirts in a limited range of colours - Black, Grey, Navy and Green.  If you'd like any of the shirt designs in this size, email us at the address above and we can produce a 'one-off' product for you.

More Than T-Shirts:  We can also produce Polos, Sweatshirts and Hoodies in any of the designs that we've used for the T-Shirts -- we've setup a sample of each garment type so take a look at those first. Again, email us if you have a specific design requirement for any garment.


Our Video Channel

If you want power, speed and engine noise, then we've got it! 


Our YouTube channel has hundreds of high quality videos of rare and historic warbird and vintage aircraft, military vehicles, tanks, racing cars, trains and all manner of other man-made machines.

Our superior quality video material includes onboard and air-to-air footage, along with super close-up action.